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My 5 favourite PHPStorm/Webstorm shortcuts

Hi everyone, today I want to share the shortcuts of Jetbrains editors. Those shortcuts help me to work faster and make my life easier. Let’s get started!

Shift – Shift

2x shift opens a popup where you can find files or actions easily. So let’s say you want to open a file, just type shift, shift and type the name of the file for example. ‘index.html’ and type Enter. Yeah, there it is, your file opened. That was easy and fast! Another useful trick with this popup is, you can open the actions. Follow me again, shift, shift and type ‘split vertically’ and Enter. Now the current file will open in split-screen. How cool was that?  


This one formats your code quickly, it will make everything look nice and readable. I use this one all the time before I save a page.   

ALT – Up / ALT – Down

This one is very useful for selecting code. For example you want to delete or copy a piece of code. Those shortcuts are very smart in selecting code. For example you have this piece of code and you add your cursor in the class loader. Then type ALT – UP, it will select the loader, type again ALT – UP, it will select also the quotes. If you click ALT – DOWN it will go back 1 step.


Move up or Move down your selection. I use this one a lot together with the previous one, First I select the code and then use ALT + SHIFT – UP to move it one line up. For example: I have this div with class nav-bar. And I would like to have it on top of the loader-div. Just select it and hold ALT + SHIFT and click UP for as many times as you want the line to go up.  


This one is easy to rename variable names. It will search for the occurrences and will change the values for you everywhere. So you only change the name ones.

So this is the end of this post, I hope you guys liked it. If you want to learn more about the PHPStorm/WebStorm shortcuts. Find them all here . Cheers!        

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