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Mediaan Automated Testing Tool

Client :Mediaan
Completion :June 2017
Role :Intern Full Stack Developer - Angular (2+) & Node.js
Technologies: Angular (+2), Node.js, MongoDB, Electron, UiRecorder
My thesis was focussed on ‘Quality Assurance’ and ‘Automated Testing’. I have created a tool that made it possible for non-technical persons to create Automated UI Tests. Before this tool, these tests could only be done by a Software Engineer since these tests are made by programming. My tool made it possible for a non-technical person to record the steps he makes and convert them to code. For example, you’re using the recorder and login to a website. After you stop recording, the code will be generated and the test will be accessible in the tool. You can run the test and when it’s finished, the tool creates a nice report about the test. The report includes which steps are passing and failing, the duration of the step, a screenshot of the step and the generated code for this step. I created this tool in full stack Javascript - Node.js & Angular 4.